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Altar Valley All-Stars

We value each of our students and staff in the Altar Valley School District. These All-Stars, who work tirelessly to benefit our AVSD community, deserve our praise and gratitude.

Robles Elementary Staff

Anna Rivera, Librarian & Art Teacher

Anna Rivera, Librarian & Art Teacher

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I announce Anna Rivera as our Robles All-Star of the Month for her outstanding contributions to our school community. Anna serves as our incredible librarian Art teacher.

Anna's positive energy is infectious to us all. She embodies the spirit of openness and enthusiasm, putting the "O" in Open Minded. Her passion for literature and education shines through in everything she does, inspiring our students to explore new worlds through books and imagination.

Not only does Anna work tirelessly to support the academic growth of our students, but she also plays a vital role in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Her presence in the lunchroom brings calmness and joy to our students and staff alike, making every day a little brighter.

Anna also took over the creative endeavor of the art class this semester. She has created wonderful projects with the students allowing them to release their creativity. Most recently the learned about Chinese New Year in library and then made dragons and lanterns in art class.

Anna Rivera is more than just a librarian; she is a superhero at Robles. Her unwavering dedication, hard work, and support for all students and staff make her an invaluable member of our team.

Please join me in congratulating Anna on this well-deserved recognition. Let's show our appreciation for all she does to make Robles Elementary a fantastic place to learn and grow.

Robles Elementary Students

Leonardo L., 5th Grade

Leonardo Luna

I am thrilled to announce Leonardo L. as our Student of the Month for his exemplary character and kindness that radiate throughout our school community. Leonardo, affectionately known as Leo, is a shining example of compassion, manners, and positivity.

Leo's caring nature is evident in everything he does. He goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being of his peers, always quick to ask, "Are you okay?" and offering a helping hand whenever needed. His genuine concern for others truly makes him stand out as a role model for kindness and empathy.

In addition to his compassionate spirit, Leo demonstrates exceptional manners in his interactions with others. Whether it's holding the door open or offering a warm greeting, Leo's thoughtful gestures never go unnoticed. He embodies the values of respect and courtesy, setting a wonderful example for his classmates and peers.

Furthermore, Leo's infectious smile and cheerful demeanor brighten the day of everyone around him. His positive attitude is contagious, creating a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere wherever he goes. Leo's optimism and enthusiasm for learning inspire those around him to strive for their best and embrace each day with joy.

Please join me in congratulating Leonardo on being selected as our Student of the Month. Let's celebrate his outstanding character and the positive impact he brings to our school community. Leo, thank you for being an incredible role model and spreading kindness wherever you go.

Altar Valley Middle School Staff

Wendy Mattias, 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

Wendy Mattias

In education, there are those individuals who not only impart knowledge but also leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of their students. Wendy Mattias, a veteran educator with a remarkable 22 years of dedication at AVMS.

Wendy's impact extends far beyond the traditional classroom setting. As the devoted sponsor of the Student Council, she has played a pivotal role in fostering leadership skills among students. Through various initiatives and projects, Wendy has empowered young minds to become responsible and proactive members of their school community.

One of Wendy's contributions is her role as the sponsor for the 8th Grade Trip. Not only does she take charge of collecting funds and managing paperwork, but she also helps transform the trip into an educational experience. Wendy believes that learning doesn't only happen within the four walls of a classroom, and the annual 8th Grade Trip is a testament to her commitment to broadening horizons.

Wendy's dedication doesn't stop at her classroom or extracurricular activities. She actively serves on the school's Leadership Team, contributing her insights and expertise to decision-making processes that shape the overall educational experience.

Congratulations, Wendy Mattias, on this well-deserved recognition! 

Altar Valley Middle School Students

Ryker L., 7th Grade


Here at AVMS, certain students shine brightly, not only for their academics but for the exceptional qualities they bring to every aspect of school life. Ryker L., a remarkable 7th grader, stands out as the AVMS Student of the Month, embodying curiosity, patience, and passion.

Ryker is not your average student – his enthusiasm for learning is evident in every class. His boundless curiosity ignites a spark in the classroom, creating an environment where exploration and discovery are celebrated. Ryker's passion for knowledge enhances his own academic journey.

What truly sets Ryker apart is his exceptional display of patience and open-mindedness. As a supportive assistant to his classmates, he demonstrates a genuine interest in their ideas and opinions, fostering an inclusive and collaborative atmosphere. Ryker's commitment to allowing others to share their thoughts first reflects a level of maturity and consideration that is commendable in a student of his age.

The excitement in his voice when discussing his interests is contagious, and his genuine love for the things he cares about adds a unique vibrancy to the school community. Ryker's ability to channel his passion into meaningful pursuits sets an inspiring example for his peers.