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Strategic Plan

We continuously strive to be the best district we can be. Below is an outline of our strategic plan. Please take a moment to review our goals. As a district, we are proud of the efforts we make for our students, and we want to share our ambitions with you our.

Purpose and Direction

Goal 1 - The Altar Valley School District will ensure that all students are high school, college, career, and community ready.

  • Evaluate strategic plan annually with stakeholders to ensure actions are aligned to district goals

Governance and Leadership

Goal 2 - The AVSD will promote positive change and growth in the district culture by implementing a “We are Altar Valley All-Stars” culture defined by high expectations, collaboration, and shared leadership.

  • Recognize and share achievements of goals and expectations throughout the community
  • Celebrate staff and students at governing board meetings
  • Recognize high achievement and growth on district benchmarks and curriculum base measures 

Teaching and Assessing for Learning

Goal 3 - The district will outperform state and national averages in all standardized assessments.

  • Deploy strategies and assessments such as district benchmarks, daily math skills, and reading assessments to consistently assess student progress
  • Utilize formative and summative data to drive instructional decisions
  • Utilize Beyond Textbooks, a guaranteed and viable curriculum, in every classroom
  • Implement Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures daily
  • With fidelity, the district will continue to implement the Altar Valley All-Star Expectations
  • Eighty percent of students will score at the mastery level on curriculum base measures by spring 2020
  • The percentage of AVSD students scoring proficient or highly proficient on Az2 ELA, math, and district benchmarks will increase by ten percent by spring 2020

Resources and Support Systems

Goal 4The district will continuously assess our financial health and allocate resources to support the highest quality teaching and learning while maximizing current resources.

  • Continue to invest in technology and the infrastructure to support it
  • Budgeted expenditures are allocated to support the strategic plan as measured by budget reports, program evaluation, and board financial reports.
  • Actively pursue new/additional resources and partnerships

Using Results for Continuous Improvement

Goal 5 - All schools/departments will be accountable for the implementation of district programs.

  • Continue implementation of Professional Learning Communities (PLC) framework 
  • Foster a culture of kindness, hope, and leadership that all children will succeed 
  • Increase student/parent/teacher ownership of learning data and growth in every classroom through frequent goal setting, reflection, and action
  • All schools/departments will be accountable for the implementation of district programs by providing a quarterly update to the board