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Message from Our Superintendent

January 2019

Dear Altar Valley Families,

Happy New Year! As we welcome the start of the new year, these days present a great opportunity to reflect on the past and to set goals for the future. 

This past year has already been highly successful in so many ways. We have adopted a new comprehensive core reading program that aligns with the Arizona English Language Arts Standards and the latest research on teaching reading effectively. We have partnered with Arizona Department of Education and Pima County to provide the Altar Valley School District with the highest quality professional development in the implementation of our new reading program. We are continuing our focus on student engagement strategies and have completed day four of our Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures Training. These engagement strategies provide our teachers the tools to provide the highest quality instruction for your child. 

The Altar Valley School Board continues to receive recognition for their commitment to our district’s students and staff. Chris Isabel, Shanee Page, and John Williams were recognized at an Arizona School Board Association/Pima County meeting for their commitment to board development and continuing education. Congratulations and thank you to our re-reelected board members: Martin Huedecek, Chris Isabel, and Shanee Page and to our returning board president, John Williams, and vice president, Bobby Ethridge. 

As we move into the spring semester and look toward the 2019-2020 school year, a goal for the Altar Valley School district will be to pass the 2019 override election with a yes vote from all our voters in the area. The override provides needed funding for the district enabling us to continue to:

  • Fund full-day kindergarten, while the state of Arizona only funds half day kindergarten, the Altar Valley School District continues offering full-day kindergarten with small class sizes.
  • Maintain low class sizes classes at both schools with an average ranging from 22-27 students.
  • Attract and retain high quality teaching staff and offer competitive salaries.  Altar Valley School District is one of the top paying districts in Pima County.
  • Provide free athletics programs to students in grades 5-8. 
  • Expanded educational programs allowing us to provide STEM career exploration programs such as Paxton Patterson and to continue to provide art, P.E., and drama.

I am proud of what we have accomplished and very grateful for a successful first half of the school year. I look forward to working together with all of you in pursuit of providing All-Star service to our students. All-Stars, all the time!


    Dr. David Dumon

    Dr. David Dumon
    Altar Valley School District